International Student Forum on Kindness

While in Johannesburg I had the pleasure of participating in a forum on kindness hosted by the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in partnership with Rutgers University (RU) and New York University (NYU). Continue reading “International Student Forum on Kindness”


The Apartheid Museum

“To be free is not to merely cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances others” – Nelson Mandela

Apartheid officially ended in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela. Apartheid ended in 1994. Wait, 1994? Yes, 1994. I was 5 in 1994. The second museum we visited during our stay was the Apartheid Museum. Continue reading “The Apartheid Museum”

In Search of History: Why I Decided to Journey to South Africa

Have you ever felt like you were supposed to do something, or be somewhere? Like you were missing a piece of yourself and you could not figure out what it was or how to find it? I have felt like this for quite some time. We are often told that we won’t know where we are going unless we understand our past. For me, I’ve only been able to trace my roots back to Georgia and South Carolina, Continue reading “In Search of History: Why I Decided to Journey to South Africa”

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